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How To Site URL Auto Submit In 'Yandex' Search Engine?

9:54 PM James Thomas 12 Comments Category : , , ,

Yandex is the most popular search engine in first categories worldwide search engine. Increase your blog traffic ‘Yandex’ is the best program. You can easily to submitting your all URL in two ways. One Way are manually submitting with separate URL. Second ways are auto submitting your all URL together with Yandex Webmaster Tools. Now I will share about how to auto submit your all URL in Yandex search engine.

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Site auto Submit with Yandex Webmaster Tools:
Step 1: Firstly signup here
Step 2: Go to Yandex Webmaster Tools
[A] Select ‘Add site’
[B] Type your blog address
[C] Click ‘add’ then go to verification page

[D] Select ‘meta tag’

[E] Copy this tag

[F] Now go to in your blog template then past the tag bellow in <head> section and save. Here I will discuss about ‘Blogger’ blog.
So, go to Blogger

  • >Select your blog
  • > Go to template> Edit HTML
  • > Find <head> tag in the template code code area
  • > Past the copied ‘meta tag’ after <head> section
  • > Save template

[G] Now again you go to in Yandex Webmaster Tools verification page then click ’Check’ and wait sometimes to display successfully message
That’s all now your blog’s all URL automatically submitting in ‘Yandex’ search engine.

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